Monday, August 15, 2011

18-19 Months

In all of the excitement over Branner's half birthday, I never did an official 18 month post. So, here I am a month later combining it with month 19...

Likes: Building things and knocking them down, climbing on anything and everything, blocks, tractors, cars, trucks, dancing, "singing", coloring, weekly family breakfasts at Phil's Deli, his new truck/tractor book, Elmo ("EL-do" in Branner-speak), Yo Gabba Gabba, baths, bedtime stories--especially Goodnight, Moon and Jamberry, trips to the pool, riding on his Scoot-n-Zoom, "driving" his Cozy Coupe in the neighborhood, playing with Uncle Joe, bike rides, walks, trains, giving hugs and kisses, loving on Bailey and Chloe.

Dislikes: Not getting his way, waiting his turn and being told "no." Both of these things happening tend to lead to meltdowns.

New Foods: Trader Joe's mini-pizzas, eggplant casserole (?!), apple slices, smoothies, homemade sweet potato fries, whole wheat bagels and cream cheese, strawberry pops, Earth Fare chocolate chip cookies, cherry tomatoes.

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